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"From our field in the morning to your kitchen in the evening."



“You shall bring them and plant them on the mount of Your inheritance, the place, Hashem, which You have made for you to dwell in, the sanctuary, O L-rd, which Your hands have established.” (Exodus 15:17) The Rosenberg family is growing – with the grace of G-d, the freshest, best tasting, nutritious wide range of vegetables and specialty greens on Moshav Tirosh in the Jerusalem Corridor region. We are into our fifth year in Tirosh and before we were in Moshav Yanuv in the Sharon region. Then, like now, we deliver to people’s homes and we are very fortunate and happy to be serving most of our previous customers. The positive feedback from our customers is very encouraging and heart warming. It is truly a blessing to be in Eretz Israel and growing organic vegetables – experiencing and seeing beautiful and healthy crops. The crops we grow change by the season. We are able to grow the greens year-round. In the summer, they have to be grown under shade material and a light fabric to protect the young seedlings from the flea beetle (so called because it can jump and fly) especially those planted from seed as they emerge from the soil. We grow strawberries and are available from late fall to early summer. Potatoes – a yellow variety called Natalie and a red variety called Desiree – are planted in late January and start to be available by April. And then the summer offers a really wide range of squash, tomatoes, peppers, melons, but most of all corn, which we can start planting by April and starts to be available by June. The crops are not sprayed for pests or diseases. We are now certified organic through the Agrior Certification Company. To healthy, tasty, organic eating, Benjamin Rosenberg

Watch a short video demonstrating how Ma’aser is observed at Ben’s Farm: