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Why Organic?

Rows of red leaf lettuce

Rows of red leaf lettuce

A few words about organic farming… Organic farming is a completely different approach to growing food compared to conventional farming.

In organic farming, the belief and practice is to enrich the soil with compost and other natural fertilizers that allows for strong, healthy plants that can resist pests and diseases. In conventional farming, the practice is not especially to enrich the soil to create strong, healthy plants but to treat any problems that may arise with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In organic farming, we try to work with nature as much as possible and not dominate it with the use of pesticides and herbicides. A chemical free environment attracts beneficial insects that helps to keep the harmful insects in check. We build houses to attract owls that help keep the rodent problem under control.

There are people that argue that organic farming cannot feed the world population. But with organic farming, also associated with sustainable farming, small, poor farmers in undeveloped countries can farm with sustainable practices and not be burdened with the expense of buying chemical fertilizers and pesticides and therefore have the chance to improve their lives.